Oil Well Sentry, Inc.
Creator of the Sentry Pump Management System and Devices for Conventional Oil Wells.
Originated and developed in the birth place of the Oil Industry, Oil City, PA

  A " Self-Managing" Pump-Off Control for Oil Wells.
This very simple "Self managing" control for oil wells simplify eliminates all the
"busy work" associated with Conventional pumping techniques of oil wells. Once setup, the "Sentry will manage each well without guessing or estimating production, and record to Production Time every cycle day and night, all by itself! This unit will allow maximum production, least wear & tear, and eliminate all the Pumper's time guessing how to set the time clock, and waiting around for the well to pump-off. The wells never pump dry or after pump-off.  "Self Managing at its best" Try this sequence:

 The Pumpers Job:
 Set the time on the Time Clock to pump 2 to 6 cycles a day. Set the time of each cycle
 slightly longer than expected. Set the AS-11 control for a good pulse to continue the Production Cycle.  Set lights to show when fluid in the working barrel starts to drop low.

 A) Automatically-the Time Clock starts the Production Cycle.
 B) Automatically- The Oil Well Sentry will monitor the fluid level in the Working  Barrel at
  bottom of the well every stroke, every cycle.
 C) Automatically- the motor or engine will STOP when the fluid level in the Working
 Barrel has pumped "low".
) Automatically- the time of each Production cycle is recorded every cycle on an Hour Meter.
E) Automatically- The Pumping cycle will STOP if the line pressure exceeds the
  maximum pressure (75  to 150 PSI) with optional High Pressure switches.
F) Automatically - increase the daily production by 3 minutes a day or more for an additional 
  1 to 2 barrels or more barrels of crude oil a week.......and NEVER pump after pump-off.
 G) Automatically extends the time period for Seal replacement and pulling wells to re-work,
  because the well never pumps "dry" or without fluid. One Owner has 12 wells pumping 4 cycles a day, 365 days, and so far it has been 5 years and counting without a "rework".

  Now it is the Pumpers Job............. again:

  Every day or two spend a minute or 2 at each well site:
  -----checking for leaks
  -----check belts and jack for wear & tear
  -----Check the Hour Meter reading and "update" the new readings in the "book".
  Now you know exactly what each well is or isn't producing. Eliminates all estimating
  and guessing how to set and manage the Production Cycles.
  Now, figure out what you are going to do the rest of the day....................!

  The bridle mounted sensor  monitors the fluid level in the Working  Barrel.
An In-Line Sensor monitors the volume of fluid being pumped each stroke. 

Questions to a Producer without Oil Well Sentry controls.
1) Would you like to eliminate most of the routine time and labor a "Pumper"  puts in to
 pump a well, and just let it the well manage itself for the most crude oil and lowest production cost, and also know what each well is doing?

2) Do you know how long each well is actually  in Production, or is it pumping just      because that's what the Time clock is set for?

3) If one morning your expected oil production level in one of your tanks was low,          would you know which well had a problem, and how would you find out?

4) How many man-hours does it take to check all your wells, and in the end, do you have any idea of what each individual oil well actually produces? With a Oil Well Sentry, you will.

#1-BASIC - Economical  model  to operate a well without the Sentry to start. Expandable 
unit  to add at a later date, the additional sensor and AS-11 Oil Well Sentry self managing controls for a complete unit. The "Basic" unit is available with all the controls and a 24 hour timer or 7 day timer for a complete control.

#2- The "Complete"  Pump Control has all the switches, timers, and controls required. 
Just add your power and motors. Available in 480 VAC-3 phase with 277 vac controls,
( 480 VAC -3 phase  4 wire with 277 vac controls , 3 phase 3 wire with optional 277 vac transformer,) 230vac 1 or  3 phase with 230 vac controls, or 12 VDC

#3 -An "Add-On" unit will automate your existing basic pump controls for a complete          "Pump-Off" unit with Sensor and "self-managing" control.

Ever though the Sentry works by monitoring the fluid in the Working Barrel at the bottom       of the well, the Oil Well Sentry is quickly installed at ground level.

See "Gallery" section for photos of all controls

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