Oil Well Sentry.Inc
Oil Well Sentry.Inc

Ideal Control for wells that actually "Pump-Off"

The 'Sentry's self-managing  system monitors and controls every pump stroke.  The Hour Meter indicates actual production time

Produce all the oil each cycle, and NEVER overpump!

Oil Well Controls developed in the true birthplace of the Petroleum Industry, Oil City, PA.

Successful Oil Producers have installed a 'Sentry on all their wells.  The amazing control of a "Self Managing" system works wonders for your production with minimum labor.  Never pumps  without fluid and eliminates all the labor of  "well watching" and watching for Pump-Off.

Manage Wells with Pencil and Paper.

Most Producers visit their wells every 2-3 days for wear,  damage,  fallen tree limbs,  vandalism, and jot down the new crude oil production time.  It is not unusual on a 100 well lease,  with wells 300 feet apart,  to check all the wells in 2-3 hours, and positively KNOW that all  wells are   1)  working,  

 2)  the  actual  production time of each  individual well  every visit.

NEW- Automatic controls for your" manually started" gas or gasoline engines.

Procedure for start-up:  1) Disconect Jack from engine. Press START on the new Control panel and  manually   flip the man-auto switch to MAN,   

 (2) Start  the  engine.   3) Once it is running,  reconnect jack and flip switch to AUTO.

When all  the available fluid HAS BEEN produced, the unit will automatically shuts down.  An Hour Meter indicates actual  production time. You will know the real  production time of each unit,  each cycle!  Extends time between well "rebuilds" because wear is greatly reduced.

Product line

Sentry Controls- Complete

"Complete Controls",  Finger safe! 480 vac 3 phase with 277 vac controls, 240 vac single or 3 phase.  Eliminate transformers.

 Everything required is there, from almost any timer (24 hour as shown, or electronic ),

Circuit breakers just for the controls, motor controls that monitor power required.  Also a selector switch for manual or automatic controls. A Control Board  that monitors and records  how long each well pumped, and NEVER lets the well pump "DRY", or after Pump-Off  Also  a built- in  Alarm Shutdown circuit  !  

Sentry Controls- Add-On Unit

A SMALL ADDITIONAL BOX  as shown, and sensor is added , and uses  your existing breakers, motor starters, etc.  for   automatic operations.  Eliminate  the labor and time of "watching a well pump to pump-off". 

 Three  sensor  types are available: 

        1) The bridle mounted sensor,   2)  in-line orifice sensor assembly,  3) the new sensor for wells with a Back Pressure Valve.  The Sentry never lets the well pump without fluid.  This greatly extends production  periods between well rebuilds.  The Sentry monitors every pump stroke for normal flow, and records the actual  time of each cycle. 

Makes a "Self Managing"  control out of your existing units.  

Freeze Shutdown or High Pressure line Control

Oil Well Sentry also manufacture a Shut Down control  for non-Sentry units in cases of freezing temperatures, or a paraffin  run that raises the line pressure to unsafe limits. The normal Oil Well Sentry's controls, with sensors for the "Add-On" or "Complete Control",  have terminals dedicated for an Alarm Shutdown condition for many different reasons. 

How can we get more rock oil?

Ever since that day when Producers wondered how to get more Crude Oil

 Even in the beginning days of the Oil  Rush, Producers have tried all kinds of methods  to increase crude oil Production. 

 TODAY- Give the Oil Well Sentry  a little direction, and the well can manage itself   better than  you can!  The Sentry is on duty 24 hours every day watching every scheduled pumping period,  every pump stroke!

Really saves a lot of wear & tear and produces ALL the available Crude Oil,   every cycle!

Device compatible with other controls

Multi's Products natural gas Power Unit is automated  with the Oil Well Sentry's " add-on"  control  to shut the engine OFF at PUMP-OFF.   The 'Sentry manages the productive RUN  time producing Crude Oil,  not just operating a timed period.  An hour meter records actual production time, not just run time!

Why the Oil Well Sentry

NOW, a "self -managing control" that automatically monitors the fluid level in the working barrel or volume of fluid produced, then  stops  the pump cycle when the accumulated  fluid  

just starts to pump- off.   

Time Clocks are required, but not without a Sentry.   Eliminates  guessing, watching or estimating   pump cycle times . If you Intelligently  monitor  the fluid in the working barrel or normal flow produced each stroke, and stop the pumping cycle when the fluid pumps low, will extend well life,  because the well never pumps  without fluid.


Wear & Tear and Well re-building time is much less, and less energy is needed for increased production.  

On one Lease where exact records were kept, PRODUCED more crude oil than Geologist had calculated was available !

Never pumps after "Pump-Off" or dry! 

 Increase 10-100% or more crude oil using  30% less energy required for maximum production.


Real Results


This well,  located in western Pennsylvania, was drilled by Quaker State in the 1970's.  It has its own stock tank.  It origionally pumped just one 45 minute cycle every day for 10  gallons of Crude Oil.  A "Add-On" Sentry was installed in 2013.  Four pumping cycles per  day were set.  Three days later,  we discovered the well had pumped for only four- 7  minute long production cycles a day  (that's all the fluid it produce),  but increased the volume of  oil by 6 gallons a day or 1 barrel a week more.


Annual production increase of 52 MORE barrels of PA crude oil a year!

(Typical-52 x$ 70 =$3,640. Not bad for a $1,200 investment) AND 17 minutes less PUMPING TIME each day, no  actual physical  "monitoring" is needed. 

Less  WEAR  & TEAR (Extends well pulling & re-builds from months to years).


Eliminating  just one " well pull" may  pay for a Sentry, and a lot more CRUDE OIL!  

This result  IS  typical  of our "self-managed" systems. 

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